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Decoding the CNAME Record

The Canonical Name Record, more simply known as the CNAME Record, exists within the DNS realm to make domain management more streamlined. Instead of linking to an IP address like the A Record, a CNAME record establishes an alias for one domain and points it to another domain or subdomain. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses with multifaceted online operations, allowing for subdomains like shop.example.com to redirect seamlessly to a primary domain, without needing a distinct IP address for each. Find additional information about the CNAME record!

Understanding the A Record

The Address Record, commonly referred to as the A Record, is a foundational element within the Domain Name System (DNS) framework. When you enter a URL into your browser, like www.example.com, it doesn’t inherently know where to retrieve the associated website from. The A Record serves as the bridge between this domain name and its corresponding IP address, which is understandable by machines. Each domain can have one or more A Records, allowing for routing to different servers or for load balancing. When a domain has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, it utilizes A for IPv4 and AAAA records for IPv6. Learn more about the basic of DNS A record!